Character Creation

Starting CharactersCreate four level zero characters by the book (roll 3d6 in order as god intended). Starting occupation can either be standard (for a Flatlander character) or use the Shudder Mountains Occupation list below (Alternatively, characters can be generated at the website with the Chained Coffin (Curtis) occupation list selected in the drop-down menu). If none of your zero-level characters' modifiers sum to +1 or better, you may discard a character and roll up another until you get a character that meets this requirement.

zero level occupations shudder mountains

Lucky Sign & Astrological Portents

In addition to possible effects from a Lucky Sign roll, characters are also affected by the movement of heavenly bodies. Every character rolls a d100 and consults the following table to determine their birth sign.

astrological sign

Every sign has associated positive and negative traits associated with it, that may or may not be present in your character's personality, and occasionally there are quirks and traits that will have affects on certain game-play mechanics that the GM will make you aware of if and when the need arises.

Replacement Characters During the course of the game it is inevitable that characters will perish and replacements will be needed. In this event, the character can choose to promote a trusted henchman or hireling, who gains a PC class and is started at half of the XP of the deceased character. The promoted NPC also inherits that character's wealth, property and items. However the life of a servant to an adventurer is hard and dangerous work, and the former hireling is assumed to be a hard-bitten veteran who has witnessed many horrors and has the scars to show for it. Make a Luck Check for every gained level. If a Luck Check is failed, subtract 1 from a random ability score. 

Alternatively, roll up four zero-level characters and begin anew.

Character Creation

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