Saving Throws — a Natural 1 on a save is always a failure, and a natural 20 is always a success (even against Saving Throw DCs that exceed the normal ability of a character to pass the roll).

Damage and Healing — Characters receive 1 HP per level for a normal night's rest, and 2 HPs per level for a day of full bed rest.

Total Defense — While Warriors and Dwarfs can fight defensively as a mighty deed, any character can choose to forgo all of their Action Dice and do nothing but defend. This adds +2 to their AC until their next turn.

'Shields Shall Be Splintered' — A character who is fighting with a shield (or is fighting defensively) can elect to sacrifice their parrying shield or weapon and take no damage on a hit. This can be declared after damage is rolled against them. If the parrying weapon or shield is magical, then the item must pass a DC 10 save (add each special property it possesses as +1 to the roll) or it is destroyed. A successful save means it is ripped from the character's grasp and hurled 1d20 feet away.

Mighty Deeds — If a player of a Warrior or Dwarf decides to develop a signature move with their Mighty Deeds and a takes the time to author a Mighty Deeds list, that character receives a one time bonus of +1 to Luck the first time they roll a 7 or higher on a mighty deed roll (i.e. not before level 5). The gods notice style and elan.


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