Encumbrance Rules:

The following chart replaces the nebulous rules on page 70. (Taken from:

Form fill-able pdf sheet here for convenience: (download, rename, and share via google drive). N.B. that values below are for carried armor. Worn armor already has associated an associated speed penalty and fumble die.

Mithril Properties:

  1. Lighter: A suit of Mithril armor has a fumble die one step better (i.e. d12 becomes d8) and +5' Speed compared to a comparable iron/steel suit of metal armor).
  2. Everbright: arms and armor don't corrode from rust or acid, but any attempt to hide in shadows while wielding or wearing a mithril item imposes a +5 DC penalty to the check.
  3. Increased cost: Mithril items cost 5x to 10x as much as the book prices and are not widely available.


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