Firearms are flintlock variety with some older wheel-locks also in circulation (or displayed on mantles). Every firearm is governed by the following rules:

  • A musket, blunderbuss and pistol shoots one bullet every three rounds (shoot, then two rounds to re-load). re-loading can only be done when not engaged in melee. A rifle shoots one bullet every four rounds.
  • All firearms ignore normal armor and shields at close range (magical armor, agility modifiers, etc. apply as normal)
  • Damage dice are "penetrating." That is, if maximum damage is rolled, roll another damage die minus 1, if maximum is rolled again, roll another damage die minus 1, etc. (to set up a macro in Roll20 for this kind of damage, go to your character's "Attributes & Abilities" tab and add a custom ability. The syntax is "/r 1dX!p" (minus quotation marks and X equals the damage die type).

Firearms list

Weapon             Cost Damage   Range Special
Pistol 80 gp 1d6* 50/100/150  
Musket 120 gp 1d8* 80/160/240  
Rifle 200 gp 1d8* 100/200/360 +1 critical threat range
Blunderbuss 100 gp 1d10/1d5* 20/40/- shots beyond close range are -1d to-hit, no long range
Bullets/balls (10) 1 gp Includes gunpowder


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