Within the Shudder Mountains, folk tell tales of the three devils who dice for men's souls Haade (Auld Widdershins), Modeca (Ol' Blackcloak), and Anector (Harlequin). Each demon has its own ways and means, but no one disagrees that those who deal with them play a dangerous game that imperils their immortal soul.

Flatlanders from outside the Shudder Mountains typically have their own patrons and supernatural agencies they call upon (e.g. the Patrons from the core rule-book)

Haade (Auld Widdershins) is a bull-horned devil who wields a great pitchfork that calls down lightning and horrendous storms all over the mountains. Witches and conjure-men are thought to call upon their lord at black masses under the new moon. Where exactly this occurs is a mystery. Followers of Auld Widdershins are often bullies, consumed with anger and usually lead lives full of violence. Destruction and abasement are their calling cards.

Modeca (Ol' Blackcloak) is a silver-tongued trickster with impeccable manners, an accomplished fiddle player and loves to gamble and bargain with greedy mortals. Servants of Modeca come from all walks of life and seem to delight in tearing down the holy and righteous through subtlety, seduction and charm.

Anector (Harlequin) is usually depicted as a fool in motley. He gibbers and giggles constantly and revels in madness and nonsense. Followers of Anector love to sow discord among communities, families and friends and endeavor to bring madness and confusion wherever they go.


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