People of the Shudder Mountains.

In practical terms, there are two sorts of human folk found in this part of the world: Shudfolk and Flatlanders.

The Shudfolk are native to the Shudder Mountains and have lived here for at least hundreds and possibly thousands of years. Nobody knows for sure, but oral traditions stretch back beyond living memory. Flatlanders are more recent arrivals to the valleys and coasts outside of the misty hollows and steep ridges of this sleepy corner of the world. Most cluster around their fishing villages and walled towns to the north and west of the Shudders.

Aside from human folk, there are several other kinds of "people."

Elves (more commonly called Changelings) are usually lithesome, slender children that grow up unaware of their heritage and occasionally their latent fey blood asserts itself. Some changelings were swapped with human infants in their cribs, by the faeries for some unknown purpose, or occasionally a maiden will have a tryst with some disguised faerie lord, producing a fey-touched child. Whatever the case, Elf characters are always drawn from these human raised faerie and fey-touched children.

Dwarfs live in the deepest hollows of the Shudder Mountains where they live in small clans toiling in their mines.

Halflings are a demi-fey people, of shiftless, gourmands and tailors who live in a symbiotic relationship with humans, using "big folk" for protection and providing superior tailor-made clothes, delicious viands and other benefits that they will never stop reminding you of, should you ask. They have no culture of their own to speak of.


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