Opposed Skill Checks

"dice chain" method

Whenever characters attempt to overpower another character or NPC either through, wits, strength of will, or simple brawn, instead of rolling opposed D20s with ability modifiers added to the roll, the characters' ability modifier increases/decreases the dice chain from a baseline of d16; e.g. In a test where a weakling character with a -3 Strength modifier tries to arm-wrestle a character with a +3 modifier, the first character would roll a d10, whereas the second character would roll a d30. Any bonuses greater or less than +/-3 get added or subtracted from the roll.

This system makes results more predictable in the case of vastly inferior vs superior opponents, but still has roughly the same odds as the old system in the case of two average opposed rolls. For instance, in the example of a characters with 18 Strength vs. 3 Strength respectively (essentially a circus strongman vs. a feeble octogenarian) under the old way, the opposed rolls would be D20+3 vs D20-3. This gives the 18 Strength character just a 30% chance of success if the weaker character were to roll a 17 (max). Under the new way, the opposed rolls would be a D30 vs. a D10, meaning an 18 Strength character would still have a 67% chance of success against the weakling's very best (10).

I know it's DCC and realism be damned, but this produces results that make more sense to me, but still gives vastly weaker characters at least a shot to overcome a vastly superior opponent in an opposed test.


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