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Rules Changes:

Character Creation — Rules and amendments for creating new and replacement characters

EquipmentNew equipment

Firearms Simple firearms

SkillsNew rules for opposed ability checks

Combat — Adjustments to the core mechanics of Mighty Deeds, Saving Throws, Healing, etc.

Magic Rules adjustments for things like Spell Duels, talismans, curses, folk magic, "Old Songs," etc. 

Gazetteer & Almanac

PeopleBackground on the two dominant human cultures and other playable races

PlacesGeography of the region

HistoryCommonly known legends, beliefs and stories of the Shudder Mountains and the Middle Marches

ReligionVarious religions and practices of the Shudder Mountains and Middle Marches

Patrons — Supernatural beings who can be taken as patrons or those who use mortal agents for their own ends.

Connecting to the Game

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