Welcome Traveler to the Shudder Mountains . . .

A DCC RPG Ur-hillbilly campaign of gothic horror, weird fantasy and folk lore

The mist-shrouded hills that form the Shudders lay just beyond the Crimson Sea to the west, and dominate the central part of that land called the Middle Marches; a place of breath-taking beauty and bone-chilling horror. The folk that call this place home are a superstitious, mysterious bunch. Most are kind-hearted and hospitable, but tales of black-hearted witches, and tricky conjure-men, ghosts, haunts, and fearsome trolls give the place a dark reputation.

Whether you call the Shudder Mountains home, or are just an intrepid wanderer looking to make his fortune, treasures and mysteries await those brave enough to delve into the deep hollows, shrouded ridges, and forgotten corners of this ancient land.

Shudder Mountains Hop